Model: LaserMatrix
Type: Thermal Printers

Speed: 24 ppm
  • LM2405: HP LaserJet® III (PCL 5®) emulations offer ulitimate compatibility.
  • LM2406: HP LaserJet® III, PCL 5® and PostScript® emulations offer ulitimate compatibility.
  • Forms length adjustment, pinpoint registration and fuser temperature control allow the ultimate in media control for your specialized applications.
  • Two font cartridge slots offer maximum font capacity.
  • One year on-ste service is standard an provides the utmost in convenience.
  • On-site service available through IBM Printing Systems Company, a division of International Business Machines Corporation(IBM).

Fast and Versatile
Our LaserMatrix® Series printers dominate the specialized, continuous-form laser market. This innovative application of laser technology allows customers to combine the high volume characteristics of continuous form media with laser print and graphic quality. At speeds of 24 pages per minute, these printers make quick work of even the most demanding print jobs. .