Model: PrintStation 40T
Type: Serial Matrix Printers

Speed: Up to 420 cps
  • Auto Alignment system allows the operator to insert a document in any position; the printer takes care of all alignment issues and feeds the document only after eliminating any skew.
  • Auto Border system optically detects the border of the inserted document to guarantee that the printing accuracy is not subject to operator error.
  • Auto Print Head Gap Adjustment detects the actual media thickness and drives the print head to the correct position.
  • Unique and innovative set-up procedure is extremely quick and easy; an optical reader recognizes the set-up information from a manually marked instruction sheet.
  • The 24-wire print head provides for excellent print quality on forms sets of original plus 8 copies (with carbon paper, and 1 + 7 copies for chemical paper).
  • Print speeds up to 420 characters per second, and low acoustic noise level of < 55 dBA.
  • Windows Plug and Play compatibility allows for effortless installation.

Front Desk Suitable
Output Technology's new PrintStation 40T is suitable for all your front desk applications where the capacity to print on any cut sheet, with variable thickness and size.