Model: Output Link
Type: Print Server

Speed: Up to 10 ips
  • Simultaneous support of multiple users and multiple Operating Systems.
  • Fully manageable from your web browser!
  • Easy firmware upgrades.
  • Multi-level configuration security through passwords, permission levels and access lists.
  • Standard features such as ASCII to PostScript, multiple virtual printer destinations, SMTP email status reporting, page counting, extensive header and trailer strings and more!
  • No external power supply required.

Installation and Management Options
Use built-in HTML forms for easy cross platform configuration with any web browser as well as several software tools such as:

OutLink Utilizes its own SNMP custom MIB, which, together with support for MIB II, means the M305 can be fully managed using standardsbased SNMP managers such as HP’s Open View, Sun’s Sun Net Manager and Castle Rock’s SNMPc.

The Right Technology for Networking your Printers
By uniting a feature-packed print server with intuitive management and configuration tools, OutLink Print Server provides you with the premiere solution for networking standalone printers.