Model: Multinational
Type: Line Matrix Printers
Speed:Up to 2000 lpm
  • High speed – up to 800 LPM double byte mode (I.E. – Chinese) - up to 2000 LPM single byte (I.E. – Arabic)
  • Support for Chinese simplified and traditional, Thai, Hindi (12 languages), Arabic, and Korean.
  • Fine point hammer tips for crisp clear production of complex fonts
  • Flexible variable resolution design allows user to optimize between speed and print quality to meet their particular application requirement
  • Low cost of operation – Using economical spooled ribbons, Printronix line matrix printers offer an unmatched level of economy for printing – typically 10X lower than laser or serial matrix
  • Forms flexibility – With a straight paper path, heavy duty pulling power, and impact technology, P-Series printers offer the user the flexibility to design form sets that meet their requirements and not the printer’s limitations.
  • Super quiet operation. Models range 50 – 53 dBA which is less than an office laser.

Global Leader .
Printronix is the global line matrix leader with tailored solutions for a comprehensive array of regional printing requirements.