Model: 5000es
Type: Thermal Printers
Speed: Up to 10 ips
  • Dual printhead and resolution modes enable user to apply proper printing in both Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal and 203/300 DPI resolution according to job requirement or environment.
  • Offers wireless/Ethernet option which enables real-time data access and flexibility of local printing. Coupling the wireless T5000e with the rugged powercart provides a wireless mobile printing system which enables label printing at points of activity.
  • Flexible remote Printer Management with PrintNet® Enterprise provides instant alerts, control, diagnostics of Printronix printers on the enterprise.
  • Migration from legacy applications with TN5250/2370 Ethernet option eliminates out-dated Twinax or Coax and maintains job control with the speed and efficiency of Ethernet.

Built Tough and Versatile
The T5000es thermal printer, the perfect label printing solutions, offers a wide range of features designed to make batch or on-demand label printing convenient and efficient in mission critical applications.