Model: 5000e ODVTM
Type: Thermal Printers
Speed: Up to 10 ips

  • Guarantee 100% inspection includes both linear and PDF417 bar codes with full validation, resulting in a scannable bar code.
  • On Line Validation (ODV) supports PDF417, Code 39, CODBAR, interleaved 2 of 5, Code 93, Code 128 and UPC/EAN plus add-ons.
  • Scan width from 4.5 to 8.5 , X-Dimension (min)of 6.6 mil to 13 mil, minimum code height .13 to .20.
  • User selectable of Overstrike/Reprint, Overstrike or Stop with defect bar codes.
  • Provide Print Run Report, with number of forms printed, number of bad forms, number of codes printed.
  • Data Manager combined with ODV and PrintNet Enterprise fully captures and displays all bar code quality data by label and by bar code.
  • Captures and display detailed validation information and actual data within each bar code.
  • Views all data online and stores it in a file or exports it to a database in real time.

Online Data Validation System
The Online Data Validation System (ODVTM) analyzes each bar code to ensure it meets stringent scanning standards.