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Electronic Forms
T o print your transaction documents, your choice has been to send small, compact print jobs to impact printers using costly pre-printed forms; or send very large, network-taxing print jobs to laser printers for better-looking output. Now you can have the best of both approaches. Send small, compact print jobs to laser printers for better output. No costly pre-printed forms, no heavy network traffic.

Introducing Intellipress!
With Intellipress you get hassle-free printing of professional looking transaction documents. Print invoices, purchase orders, packing slips, bills of lading, customer correspondence, and more from your existing compact print data stream. Add bar codes, graphics, forms, promotional messages, conditional formatting with Intellipress - all added to your data stream inside the printer for fast processing and immediate printing.


Now you can save money and enhance your corporate image by using Intellipress software on GENICOM laser printing system. Intellipress allows you to eliminate costly pre-printed forms, quickly and easily update your forms as needed.

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Make It Easy
With Intellipress combined with the exclusive Intellifilter, resolve compatibility issues with your original print data stream - without reprogramming your host application. Intellifilter is resident in the GENICOM laser printers and enables a quick, non-disruptive implementation of the GENICOM printing system.

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