Model: LA36N/LA36W
Type: Serial Matrix Printer

Speed: Up to 432 cps
  • Speeds up to 432 cps @ 12cpi and 360 cps @ 10cpi.
  • 24-wire print head for clear, crisp output of text and graphics.
  • Advanced paper handling with narrow (LA36N) and wide (LA36W) carriages.
  • Multiple protocols and standard parallel and serial interfaces.
  • Control panel lock-out to reduce risk of accidental job interruption.
  • Fanfold (up to 5-part), cut sheet, label sheets, envelopes.
  • Integrated ethernet models available

Matching Your Needs
In single- or multi-user environments, the narrow-carriage LA36N and wide-carriage LA36W are ideal for use in a broad range of industries, from banking, data processing, and pharmaceuticals to healthcare, education, and government.

This workhorse prints at speeds of up to 360 characters per second in draft mode and 133 characters per second in letter quality mode.