Model: LA500/LA700+
Type: Serial Matrix Printer

Speed: Up to 700 cps
  • Speeds up to 500 cps (LA500) and 700 cps (LA700Plus).
  • Dual fanfold capability with optional second front tractor for busy work environments.
  • Automatic paper path recognition.
  • Print gap control.
  • Rugged construction.
  • High reliability, saving downtime and service cost.
  • Up to 1+5 part forms (LA500), 1+7 part forms (LA700Plus).
  • Networking support with optional GENICOM MPS100.

Serving Heavy Duty Tasks
With speeds up to 500 cps (LA500) and 700 cps (LA700Plus), these workhorses offer best-in-class forms printing capabilities, including multiple paper paths with automatic path recognition, gap control, and rugged construction.

Either printer is ideal for printing multipart or continuous forms in business, commercial, or industrial applications.