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Choosing the right printer for your application is important, but choosing the right partner who will be there with you beyond the purchase is critical.

PECO represents the finest business printer manufacturers in the world. From serial or line matrix to workgroup laser, and thermal printers, we can tailor to your exact printing needs at the backoffice as well as the front.

TallyGenicom (TG) > specializes in business-class, transaction-document printing solutions. They are one of the largest companies in the world focused exclusively on providing printers, printer parts, consumables and service. TallyGenicom is uniquely positioned to provide advanced technology solutions for high-volume impact and laser printing.

Printronix > Established nearly 30 years ago, Printronix is a leading provider of industrial and back-office enterprise printing solutions for customers the world over. The long-term market leader in line matrix printers, Printronix has earned an outstanding reputation for its full selection of thermal, laser and network solutions technologies.

Output Technology > Founded in 1984, Output Technology designs, manufactures and markets high speed, high volume, continuous-form impact and laser printers worldwide. Businesses in all industry segments rely on OTC printers for jobs crucial to daily operations.

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